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Having to call a tow truck can be a very frustrating moment. It can be an extremely frustrating moment if it is from the side of the freeway. At Beaulieu Towing and Transport Hacienda Heights we would like to take some of that frustration away. Give us a call at (909)331-5572! With us you can rest assured that you have chosen the company dedicated to safety, and with your best interest in mind. When choosing a tow truck company you always want to go with a local service like us who offers low prices and quick response times. Being family owned and operated with over 30 years in the industry we take pride in making our local residence our first priority.

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Emergency Roadside Assistance Hacienda Heights

hacienda heightsHave you ever woke up in the morning to a dead battery? How about come out of work ready to go home just to discover that you ran over a nail and now have a flat tire?

These are just a few examples of the many unexpected frustrations that we help our loyal customers handle on a daily basis. Although, there are a few quick tips for your car battery that we thought we would share with you

  • Know how old your battery is – When buying a battery for your vehicle, keep a note of the average life span for that battery as well as the purchase date.
  • Keep it clean – Removing debris and corrosion from battery terminals
  • Inspect the cables – Sometimes cables can become lose preventing a good connection
  • Watch for a dash light – If a battery light comes on the dash it might need some attention

These are just a few ways we would like to help you keep your car battery alive. Jump starts are just part of what we do, but we can always be of assistance to you if you lock your keys in the car or need a tow as well. Just give us a call at (909)331-5572 and we will have a member of our team go over you situation with you, providing you options for your roadside assistance.

Towing Hacienda Heights

beaulieu towing hacienda heightsWe are proud to be able to assist our customers with their local and long distance towing needs. Even though some companies don’t work at night we know there is never a way to predict that emergency towing situation. So we are a 24 hour service dedicated to helping you with a quick tow around the corner, or with that long haul across town.

For more information on how we can help you please feel free to fill out our contact form and a member of our dedicated staff will be in contact with you. Or simply give us a call at (909)331-5572!

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