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Flat tires are very frustrating and can be avoided with a few helpful tips. Below we have put together some useful information that can help avoid a tire blow out. If you are in need of assistance because you have already experienced a tire blow out please give us a call at (909)331-5572. We will have a trained member of our staff come out and help you get back on your way safely.

1. Check Your Air Pressure

24 hour flat tire change service - city of industryChecking your air pressure monthly can help avoid a tire blow out. For tire related crashes, the number one cause according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is under-inflation. Under inflated tires can have negative effects on the handling of your car. One of the negative effects that it can have on your tires is uneven treat ware.

2. Visually Check Tires for Damage

Seeing that you have a flat before you leave the parking lot and drive on a busy roadway can help avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Some of the things one should check for are listed below:

  • Uneven Tread
  • Cracks on the sidewalls
  • Signs that the tire has been punctured
  • Under-inflation

If you see anything listed above, or abnormal to your vehicles tires it is always recommended to have the tires replaced or repaired before attempting to drive the vehicle. You and your passengers safety is always the number one priority.

3. Rotate Your Tires

All owners manuals will have an exact time frame for how long one should wait before rotating the tires, but we always recommend not waiting more then 6,000 miles. Rotating the tires will help with the longevity of the tire by assuring that the treat wares evenly.

4. Balance

Make sure that your tires are properly balanced. Misalignment of the steering or suspension can have a negative effect on your vehicle tires. This can cost you money by your tires wearing down quicker then necessary.

5. Check for size

Making sure that all tires are the same size is important. If one of your tires is even in size this can cause excess ware to the tires.

Flat Tire Change Service City of Industry

  • With our drivers on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week, we take pride in knowing that if you have a flat tire or tire blow out there is someone you can count on no matter what time it is. We are a family owned and operated service with many many years in the industry.

We have affordable prices and quick response times because after having a negative experience with your vehicle the last thing that we want is for our customer to be sitting on the side of the road somewhere just waiting.

  • Calling a professional for help is always recommended when it comes to roadside assistance because it is a very dangerous job. Laws have even gone into place to help keep first responders and tow truck drivers like myself safe when attending to the aid of a customer.

If you have any questions, or are in need of any type of roadside assistance give us a call at (909)331-5572!

Flat Tire Change West Covina | Tire Blowouts

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Experiencing a blowout on the freeway can turn into our worst nightmare. If your tire ever blows out on the freeway you can be in danger.

flat tire change service - beaulieu towing

Flat Tire Change West Covina

To be prepared and able to control the situation as safely as possible we have gathered a help helpful tips:

  • At first sign of danger properly grip the steering wheel.
  • Do not slam on your brakes.
  • Take your foot off of the gas to allow the vehicle to slow down
  • Turn on your flashers, and if needed signal to change lanes
  • Once to the shoulder, make sure to stop in a safe location

Once to the side of the road we always recommend our local residence to call a professional. Changing a tire on the side of the road is not safe.

At Beaulieu Towing and Transport we offer affordable rates and quick response times to have you back on your way as quickly as possible. Give us a call at (909)331-5572 and we will have an estimate for you right over the phone.

  1. When it comes to emergency roadside assistance we wanted to make sure you always had someone to be there for you. All of our emergency towing, and roadside services are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  2. If you are going to change the tire on your own there are a few quick tips we would like to share with you in order for you to be as prepared as possible.

West Covina Tire Change Tips

Tire Change Service

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Getting a flat tire is something that can happen to anyone, and although a minor problem it can still hold you back from getting to your destination. We have put a helpful check list together to help you get back on your way as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Never put yourself in danger by trying to change your own tire on the side of the freeway, let a helpful roadside assistance expert help you.
  • Put your hazard lights on to alert others that your vehicle is not able to be operated
  • Make sure that you have a spare tire
  • If you have custom wheels with rim locks make sure that you have the key to get them off with you, otherwise tire change on the side of the road is not possible.

Let’s face it tires are not meant to last forever, and unless changed out beforehand you are most likely to

Tire blow out
Tire Change

experience a blow out sometime in your daily routine or while traveling on vacation. Sometimes brand new tires will even experience a blow out due to the poor road conditions.

At Beaulieu Towing emergency tire change service is available 24 hours a day, because we know there is never a convenient time to have a tire blow out. Give us a call at (909)331-5572 and we will have you back on your way in no time.