Jump Start Service in Diamond Bar, CA

At Beaulieu Towing we specialize in giving your vehicle the jump start it needs to get you back on the road and on your way.

  1. The moment you go to start your vehicle and realize it won’t start because the battery is dead can be a frustrating one.
  2. We strive to relieve some of that frustration with our quick response times and low rates.

Jump Start Service in Diamond Bar, CA

jump start diamond barThere are many different reasons why your battery would die. Many times we forget to turn off our headlights or leave an interior light on. Sometimes we leave our car stereo on too long while the car is off. These mistakes may seem small at the time but can very easily turn into a big headache.

Below we have listed the most common reasons why a battery would die.

  • Leaving vehicle lights on. (Headlights/Interior lights)
  • Leaving car stereo on while the car is off.
  • Leaving car parked for an extended period of time.
  • Faulty alternator
  • Battery maintenance (Dirty terminals/Faulty battery cables/No water)

If you ever find yourself with a dead battery don’t hesitate to call Beaulieu Towing at (909)331-5572 for fast and reliable jump start service.

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