Jump Start Service West Covina | Safety Guide

In West Covina, CA we know that many people visit our local shopping malls. This is an exciting time when people can become distracted and forget to turn off the lights in the car, or lock the keys in the trunk while loading their shopping bags. With our 24 hour emergency jump start service we can provide solutions for all of your roadside shopping mishaps.

Safety is always a priority at Beaulieu Towing, and that is why we have taken the time to provide our customers with an auto jump start safety guide.

Jump Start Service West Covina

Before we get into the details of the guide we want to always recommend contacting a professional for any emergency roadside assistance help.

  • Check the condition of the jumper cables, and make sure that no wires are exposed.
  • Always double check that you are connecting the correct cable to the correct battery terminal.
  • Connect the first positive cable to the dead car battery positive terminal (+)
  • Connect the second positive cable to the good car battery terminal (+)

(Do not let lose negative cables touch anything before being connected)

  • Connect the first negative cable to the good car battery (-) terminal
  • Connect the second negative cable to the dead car batter engine block
  • Start the good car battery
  • Start the car with the dead battery
  • Remove all negative cables
  • Remove all positive cables

With these quick tips you should be able to safely jump start any car battery. Although, the safest way is always call a professional.

We offer affordable rates and quick response times so that you don’t have to stress about any emergency roadside assistance service.

Give us a call at (909)331-5572 or fill free to contact us via email on the contact us page.