Private Impound

For all of the owners of private parking lots who are tired of dealing with an increased amount of unauthorized parking we have a solution for you!

Beaulieu Towing has introduced a Private Impound Towing service that is available to all the business that are fed up with unauthorized cars parking in their designated spots for potential customers.

The service is referred to as Enforcement Towing, because we want you to take back the power of your parking lot.

This service can empower you to:

  • Control amount of time unwanted cars park in designated spaces
  • Keep handicap stalls open for those in need as required by law
  • Keep fire lanes clear for safety reasons
  • Get rid of those abandoned and/or stolen vehicles

We will walk you through the process starting with posting the correct signage. This private towing service to removed unauthorized vehicles from your private parking or residential parking is at NO expense to you.

The cost of the services is paid for by the vehicle owners or drivers that are at fault. We tow the car back to our designated lot, where the auto will be held until it is claimed by the rightful owner.

Our licensing allows us to perform this service in the local area. Call us today at (909)331-5572!