Jump Start Service

Beaulieu Towing specializes in giving your battery a boost. Your car battery supplies the energy needed to make your vehicle start. Once your car is on, the alternator is what keeps the energy supply flowing.

Jump Start Service – Walnut, CA


  • There are many times when we forget to turn off our headlights or accidentally leave the car stereo on too long while enjoying an outdoor activity.

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These small mistakes can easily turn into a big headache. Below we have listed the most common reasons why a battery would die:

  1. Leaving lights on (headlights, interior lights)
  2. Using the air conditioner when the vehicle is not running.
  3. Leaving a vehicle parked for a long period of time
  4. Battery maintenance (dirty terminals, no water – if required)

If you ever find your battery out of juice, give us a call we would be glad to come out and give you a jump start. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always standing by ready to help you with your roadside assistance needs.

  • If in the event that your battery is dead and cannot be jumped, the option for towing will be available to you.

Give us a call at (909)331-5572, and don’t forget to save us to your contacts!